Save the date: September 18th, 2013

9 startups
6 innovators
selected from over 175 applicants by expert judges and community votes
will compete in the Grand Finale, in front of an invitation-only audience of dozens of decision makers from the world’s largest financial institutions, serial entrepreneurs, investors and media
at Sibos in Dubai.


In the Startup category:

 is a social remittance network. Using mobile and Social technology the business is reinventing the way that economic migrants send money back to their families in the developing world. Customers send money for cash collection, bank deposit or mobile wallet top up in over 125+ countries at prices up to 90% cheaper than the banks or the traditional money transfer companies.
Have a look at the Semi-Final pitch

Growth Intelligence Press Logo

Growth Intelligence tracks the performance and activity of all companies in the economy in real-time, including private companies where there is generally very poor, or old data, using a company’s ever-changing digital footprint. It is used by banks as a sales tool. Using GI, it is possible to target sales of accounts, loans, letters of credit, foreign exchange, corporate transaction management, and private wealth management, at levels of accuracy hundreds of time better than marketing lists.Have a look at the Semi-Final pitch.

P2P Cash
lowers money transfer costs to Zero.
Using SWIFT Standards, P2P enables cash to sent or received to/from any mobile wallet or bank account worldwide.
Have a look at the Semi-Final pitch.

KlickEx Logo


KlickEX (formerly PassportFX) is a regulated clearing service for Central and Commercial Banks. Trialled in the South Pacific with UN funding, it demonstrated that no market is too small for real-time or continuous-linked-settlement. Connecting mobile, commerce, health, government and NGO operations it provides compliance and full transparency. KlickEX stabilizes multi-country multi-currency economic regions, while facilitating monetary independence. It is currency without credit ratings, and entering an emerging market near you.

Have a look at the Semi-Final pitch.


Twikey (formerly Paymandate) offers companies a simple, fast and safe solution to efficiently manage on-line mandates and contracts with their end-customers.
The Paymandate service provides an easily accessible negotiation and change management framework. The offer streamlines the acceptance process of mandates and contracts using the banks trusted eco-system, allows seamless integration with third party CRM- or ERP packages and is complementary to internal mandate management systems or Sepa Direct Debit migration tools.
Have a look at the Semi-Final pitch, (they were called Paymandate at the time of the Semi-Final)

 is an application which makes managing your money ridiculously simple. We do this by aggregating a user’s bank accounts, credit cards, loans, invoices and bills and providing a single view of their spending. Pocketbook is built for the average Joe – if you know how to use Facebook or online banking – you’ll find Pocketbook just as easy.
Have a look at the Semi-Final pitch.

Realty Mogul
is a marketplace for investors to pool money online and invest in shares of real property. Realty Mogul offers two types of investments, (1) shares of loans secured by residential real estate (2) equity interests in specific commercial properties like apartment buildings, office buildings and retail centers.  For these investors, Realty Mogul gives them tools to browse investments, do due diligence, invest online and have 24/7 access to an investor dashboard to watch how their investments are performing.  Realty Mogul partners with private real estate companies to source quality deal flow and curates all the investments in house.
Have a look at the Semi-Final pitch.

2012 finalist logo xyverify

XYverify adds location-based geofencing technology to trigger contextually relevant customer mobile message alerts or loyalty offers based on authenticated transaction locations.

 - It is time to break the dominance of Visa, Mastercard and American Express. z-crd has invented and developed a modern secure and scalable cloud-based
international transaction system that cuts out middlemen, reduces transaction cost by 65% and offers services unheard of today.
Have a look at the Semi-Final pitch.

In the Innovator Category:

 - Much like the Google Map provides the relevant information about people, places, events along different driving paths that are chosen, GIEOM provide the relevant Information at the Right Time to the Right People leading to ‘Business Excellence and Compliance Assurance’ in a bank. GIEOM interconnects the 4 main pillars of banking operations: Visualized Business Processes, Screen Simulations of IT Systems, e-books of regulations and Business Performance.
Have a look at the Semi-Final pitch.

Quantum4D_logo Master
provides users the ability to find anti-money laundering issues quickly and easily through visual pattern recognition. Similar to medical imagining CAT scans, visual pattern recognition is an efficient method using the most powerful pattern recognition tool in the world, the human eye.
Have a look at the Semi-Final pitch.


The Entrepreneurial Finance Lab (EFL) is an emerging market credit-scoring technology company that uses psychometric principles and other non-traditional data to generate highly predictive credit scores by statistically relating entrepreneurial qualities such as intellect, business acumen, ethics, and attitudes and beliefs to business success and failure. This information empowers financial institutions with the clarity and confidence they need to decrease their reliance on retrospective financial metrics, while carefully controlling risk, in order to approve clients that they may have otherwise rejected due to incomplete credit histories. Among its partners, EFL has increased loan portfolios by over 100% and when integrated into existing lending processes, decreased defaults by over 40%. EFL has partners across 20 countries in Africa, Latin America, and South Asia.
Have a look at the Semi-Final pitch.

logo-v-keyV-Key, pioneer and inventor of world 1st liquid defence micro-vm for mobile applications provides advanced in-depth intrusion detection, protection and intelligence against modern day’s APT(s) attack on the mobile devices. Via it’s advanced mobile application self-defending architecture and application control policies, V-Key simplifies mobile application protections and unifies enhanced customers’ experience via the mobile devices.
Have a look at the Semi-Final pitch.


VirtualPiggy_LogoVirtual Piggy Ltd. is the only global payment enabling service that facilitates the online spending of under eighteens and young adults (without credit cards) in a parent approved manner, while providing a COPPA compliant mechanism for merchants to transact with under thirteens.
Have a look at the Semi-Final pitch.


Waratek has solved a very specific problem affecting the future use of Java as the banking industry and other major technology users move towards higher levels of infrastructure virtualization and private Clouds. Java is the most important computer language of the last decade with between $2-3 trillion dollars of investment and 9 million professional developers. Over 15% of these numbers are represented by the global financial services industry, including the member organizations of SWIFT.
Waratek’s breakthrough has been to create a unique Hypervisor inside the JVM itself. Virtualizing Java applications at the JVM level, enables an increase of 100% or more applications per server, reducing hosting costs by up to 50%. With Waratek, applications gain the classic benefits of Cloud Computing without a single line of code change.
These higher rates of virtualization have the potential to translate into $300bn of savings for the Global IT industry over 5 years.

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