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Since 2009, our annual event “Innotribe @ Sibos” is hosted during the world’s premier financial services event organised by SWIFT for the financial industry: Sibos. It is a pleasure for us to be part of it, engaging with leading financial industry figures to debate the latest developments and trends, and providing to our audience some preview of innovations that could impact the future of our industry.

From the side-lines to the main exhibition floor, from isolated sessions to a plenary debate, Innotribe truly made its mark at Sibos over the last few years. The 2016 conference was a great success for the entire FinTech sector as the event was dominated by technology discussions to an extent we have never seen before. This is very inspiring for the four-day programme Innotribe is building for Sibos 2017.

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What is Sibos

Sibos is an annual conference, exhibition and networking event organised by SWIFT for the financial industry. What started out as SWIFT’s international banking operations seminar, has grown into a premier business forum for the global financial community to debate and collaborate in the areas of payments, securities, cash management and trade.

Why attend

This year, Innotribe puts innovation centre stage at Sibos, and will provide a forum for critical dialogue where all Sibos delegates will get the opportunity to:

  • Attend the “Future of Money” session, positioned as a Big Issue Debate in the Plenary room for the first time this year
  • Meet some of the most forward thinking leaders in distributed ledger technology and cyber-security
  • Explore what it means to be a modern organisation and understand how man and machine can work together
  • Understand the different patterns of disruption and how incumbents can react to them
  • Help define the principles for platform cooperation in more distributed ecosystems
  • Explore collaboration with a wide range of FinTech hubs from different continents, with a specific focus on the Swiss ecosystem
  • Gain insights on the new technologies developed by the startup community in Africa and Latin America through sessions dedicated to the winners of the 2016 Innotribe Startup Challenge

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