On November 1, 2012 at Sibos in Osaka, 15 finalists, selected from over 100 applicants by expert judges and community votes have presented to an invitation-only audience of dozens of decision makers from the world’s largest financial institutions, serial entrepreneurs, investors and media.


PlayMoolah designs technology for children that ties money management to real life, real dollars and real impact. Our philosophy is to bring forth the vision of money serving as a tool to create value in the world. We leverage game mechanics for behavioral change, empowering children with the curiosity, knowledge, skills, and tools needed for financial capability. Parents have a separate platform to monitor, reward, and engage with their child s progress, guiding good role-modeling behavior in the family based on the child’s money habits.

GUST is the global platform for sourcing and managing seed and early-stage equity investments. Its infrastructure enables qualified entrepreneurs to arrange equity financing from accredited investors. The company’s knowledge and collaboration resources support all aspects of deal flow management and investor relations, from pitch to exit. Gust provides the tools used by companies to create secure, investor-focused, web-based, deal rooms; the tools used by angel investors and venture capital funds to manage all aspects of their deal flow, collaboration and portfolio management; and the infrastructure to integrate both sides seamlessly. Gust is used by over 225,000 early stage companies, 40,000 accredited investors, 800 angel networks and 200 venture capital funds in 95 countries. It is the exclusive collaboration platform of the business angel federations in 15 countries including the US, Canada, Russia, India, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain and Portugal, with partners including Microsoft, the US State Department and Startup America.


Claveo Software is a mobile platform that uses instant notification to allow real-time, one-click acceptance or rejection of critical transactions and confidential data access. With our technology you can secure online log-ins, reject fraudulent credit card transactions, authorize wire transfers/mobile payments, grant access to secret company data, lock files to specific devices, and more–all through a single mobile application. Claveo’s secure and user-friendly system provides businesses with a comprehensive solution for access management and data security.

DemystData leverages the vast amount of unstructured data being generated and collected online to help financial institutions better understand their customers. The company’s platform provides for real time access to online, social, and mobile data about consumers and small businesses, which it then ‘demystifies’ facilitating more informed decision-making. Financial institutions ranging from large global banks to online consumer and small business lenders are using the Demyst technology cross functionally to better measure and predict overall customer quality leading to greater than 20% growth in loans and/or 10% reduction in risk across clients.

At Digital Shadows we operate a B2B cyber monitoring service that continually assesses an organisation’s attack service. This includes the monitoring of social media, technology and informational footprints. Spanning over 45 million sources in 19 languages, our service delivers an up to the minute “hacker’s eye view” of an organisation and identifies risks that we can then help our clients to mitigate.

Funding Options Ltd uses modern web technology and emerging data sources to make it dramatically easier for small firms to access finance, whilst addressing the key lender challenges of high administrative costs and poor information quality. Funding Options works with many of the largest and most recognised lenders in the UK (for whom the channel and technology makes it more attractive to lend to small firms), and through a distribution partner can reach thousands of trusted small business advisors.

NestEgg turns financial advice into artificial intelligence for banks, wealth managers and credit unions. Consumers want sophisticated financial advice delivered anytime, anywhere and on any device. NestEgg allows clients to do just that, and as a result, grow their business, cut costs, better monetize existing relationships, scale out their offerings and improve user engagement and satisfaction. NestEgg offers a revolutionary private-label financial-education and wealth management platform that enables users to build portfolios driven by our clients’ investment philosophy, analyze accounts, and understand their financial situation.

P2P Cash Technology­ has developed a highly scalable mobile financial services solution that brings secure, low cost banking functions to the unbanked consumer via the mobile phone and a proprietary agent cash management system. P2P Cash is first-to-market with a VISA clearing and settlement strategy creating a worldwide standard to meet the needs of the under-banked in emerging markets. P2P Cash enables ANY retailer to offer money transfer and other financial services to ANY cellphone user generating new sources of revenue for the retailer.

PhotoPay  provides the easiest way to pay bills with mobile phone – position a bill in phone camera window and PhotoPay will extract payment data in a few seconds, allowing very simple payment. No manual data entry is needed. PhotoPay software module is already integrated into several mobile banking applications. And users love it! It is fast, it feels natural and familiar. Implementing PhotoPay with our first banking customer has increased mobile bill payment transactions by more than 2000% (yes, 20x!). PhotoPay dramatically improves mobile banking usability and can be used on existing bills. And beside solving paper bill payment problem, it provides perfect transition from paper to e-bill receiving to mobile phone. PhotoPay makes bill payment fast and enjoyable without requiring changes in customer or bill issuer habits. PhotoPay – the easiest way to pay bills.

Mobile Payment Solutions suffer from a high attrition rate during onboarding, because merchants are required to complete a lengthy signup process before they can truly realize the value that solution can bring. Snappay‘s frictionless signup process allows merchants to experience mobile payments without commitment, therefore lowering attrition rates. Snappay’s solution turns smartphones into a POS machine without the need for additional hardware or credit check, allowing merchants to experience mobile payments in minutes rather than days of filling out paperwork, committing to a credit check and waiting for hardware to arrive. Snappay is seeking partners who wish to increase the adoption rate of their mobile payment solutions.

XYverify validates WHERE a transaction is taking place. The transaction verification service integrates proven geolocation mobile based technologies—for real money gaming and ecommerce—to securely verify a mobile phone’s location. XYverify directly connects into cell carrier towers to verify mobile device location for better authentication and fraud reduction. This “non-spoofable” transaction geo-verification is monetized via web APIs for multiple ecommerce, banking, and merchant card payment applications. XYverify geolocation can be triggered within any mobile or internet process to verify mobile device and transaction location match within approved geo-fence zone(s) to curtail fraud or comply with intrastate regulated gaming regulations. Our geolocation verification service is likely to become an essential part of the way people make and accept trustworthy mobile transactions.

Innovator Finalists

Lenddo is the world’s first online platform that empowers the emerging middle class to create their own communities using their online social connections to build their credit worthiness and access localized money management tools and financial services.



 OpenGamma aims to become the new standard for Quantitative Finance, radically democratising the financial services industry and making it more transparent. We focus on the part of the technical infrastructure firms have in common, eliminating duplication in the non-proprietary parts of their operations. Making a common solution available to all helps reduce cost and improve the overall quality of risk control throughout the industry. Our flagship product, the OpenGamma Platform, is Open Source, giving users all the benefits of an in-house solution without the cost or complexity of building one. Creating complete transparency into everything the risk system is doing allows firms to focus their IT spend on what really differentiates them from their competition, gain a better understanding of their investment risk, and meet new regulatory demands.

BasisPoint® from Pendo Systems is the enabling infrastructure for the modern era of global financial services. Since the 1980s the industry has used technology to evolve into a global financial network, create countless new assets classes, built Star Wars-worthy transactional systems and passed new regulations to manage it all. But – today’s global investment accounting is an undependable mix of people, pivot tables and legacy applications. As a result, we still fear the next failed country, institution or scandal and pray we are not exposed. Pendo’s BasisPoint® is the first global investment accounting application to enter the market in over 20 years. By focusing on the most critical piece of data within any financial institution – tax lot level accounting data, BasisPoint® provides true exception processing and sophisticated multi-jurisdictional functionality and reporting (i.e. IFRS, Basel III, Solvency II) and the transparency you need to keep your firm out of the headlines.

The Currency Cloud makes international payments and transfers simple. Our service enables businesses to send, receive, track and automate their cross currency payments process, significantly lowering costs, reducing expensive payment failures whilst increasing control and transparency. We provide an easy to implement interface, allowing customisation of the user experience. Alternatively, we can e-enable a business with a comprehensive online (SaaS) international  payments portal, decked out with their own brand identity.