The Digital Asset Grid is a research project backed by the SWIFT Innotribe Incubation Fund. The Digital Asset Grid enables SWIFT to offer a new proposition to the finance sector – one which has the potential to transform banks, their industry and commerce.

The Digital Asset Grid is a new infrastructure providing a platform for secure, authorised peer to peer data sharing between known, trusted people, businesses and devices

The Slice of Life is a 4 minute life with the Digital Asset Grid. We see the human element, the data we create and the institutions engaged to secure ourselves. While the world might be wild, we feel safe knowing that our data is accessed with respect to privacy and in integrity.


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The Internet is a wonderful thing BUT…

It’s brought access to information at any time and place. It gives us the world’s information at our fingertips. It lets us communicate and share information with virtually anybody, any time . Its scale and scope is already vast. We’ve moved from a world of information scarcity to information overload.

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What are the opportunities? Why Bank? Why Now? 


The Digital Asset Grid is a game changer, offering banks an opportunity to transform their businesses and their industry and commerce – strategically positioning banks at the nexus of value exchange in the digital economy.

All the banks consulted were convinced of the potential of DAG to have a significant effect on their institution and the banking system overall.

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Peter Vander Auwera