The Digital Asset Grid  positions banks as the platform on which they and others can build applications and create value for their customers. The Digital Asset Grid will provide space for third party providers to add applications enabling the monetization of digital assets. The SWIFT Digital Asset Grid  is now a working prototype which can power those applications.

Kynetx provides the first and only Personal Cloud Operating System (CloudOS) compatible with the Digital Asset Grid. By coupling together the Digital Asset Grid with Kynetx’s CloudOS, Kynetx provides the most forward thinking and innovative user experience for safely sharing and permissioning personal data assets in the new digital economy.

This unique solution cannot be found elsewhere in the market today. Intentcasting helps buyers and sellers find and qualify each other more effectively. It allows you to promote your intentions to buy something over a secure and trusted network provided by the Digital Asset Grid.


Fidor have developed FidorSafe – a personal virtual safety deposit box for an individuals or companies data. Through a suite of tools that allow you to upload, categorise and set permissions on the data, FidorSafe provides a central portal from where you can selectively store and share data with trusted parties. All data is encrypted during storage and sharing to provide bank-grade security to your data. The Digital Asset Grid provides the network for secure and trusted sharing of this data.



The Respect Network has developed the “Forever cloud address book”, a new mobile app that solves the universal change-of-address problem (both person-to-person and person-to-business), saving consumers many hours of time and hassle, and businesses many millions of dollars in customer service costs. Forever runs on the Digital Asset Grid because it provides the trusted global network where the data can be automatically and securely integrated and shared across a network of verified identities. www.respectnetwork.com.







The Xenapto app helps connect investors with ‘founders’ seeking investment. The founder uses Xenapto to promote their request for funding including business plans, product information and share offer. The investor is able to select opportunities they’d like to hear about and once notified view accredited information about them. The app uses the Digital Asset Grid to connect parties irrespective of what platform they’re on and ensures secure and trusted sharing of data.



Trōv is the world’s leading software that enables the active management of tangible wealth. They help their members collect, secure, and actively manage all the information about their properties and possessions. Trōv is reinventing the ways you can benefit from all you treasure.

 Trōv’s web and mobile applications will help you track all your possessions and assist you and your advisors with wealth and estate planning, property management, insurance coverage, private social connectivity, asset disposition, charitable giving, and much more.


Julius initiated the “Unleashing the Wealth of Nations” project at MIT that leverages emerging technologies to empower people to understand the value of their assets in a new way that complements their traditional understandings. This concept will help countries to mobilize and register their assets as part of the “Global Financial Nervous System” that will provide financial inclusiveness to the BoP citizens through representation in the global digital marketplace.

Peter Vander Auwera