The Digital Asset Grid is a research and development project, that offers a platform for banks and other entities to enable safe and secure exchange of personal data. This Digital Asset Grid has been unveiled on October 30, 2012, at Sibos in Osaka. You can access a documentary on the 9 month projects with testimonials from

  • Peter Vander Auwera – Project Lead, Digital Asset Grid, SWIFT/Innotribe
  • Kosta Peric – Head of Innovation, SWIFT
  • Matteo Rizzi – Innotribe Evangelist
  • Pierre Blum – Customer Engagement Manager Digital Asset Grid, SWIFT
  • Phil Windley – Founder and CTO, Kynetx
  • Heather Schlegel – Director
  • Liz Brandt – CEO, Ctrl-Shift Ltd
  • Alan Mitchell – Strategist, Ctrl-Shift Ltd
  • Drummond Reed - Co-Founder and Managing Director, Respect Network, Respect Network Corporation
  • Jennifer Schenker – Founder and Editor-in-chief,
  • Les Chasen – Director Registry and Identity Engineering, Neustar Inc.
  • Kaliya Hamlin @identitywoman – Executive Director, Personal Data Ecosystem
  • Bob Blakley – Global Head of Information Security Innovation, Citigroup
  • Dominic Sayers – COO, Xenapto
  • Craig Burton – Distinguished Analyst, Kuppinger Cole
  • Don Thibeau – Chairman, Open Identity Exchange


Press_Release : Innotribe unveils the Digital Asset Grid incubator project at Sibos Osaka, a new infrastructure for banks to provide a platform for secure peer to peer data sharing. The Digital Asset Grid provides the technology infrastructure required to ensure trust, reputation and secure sharing of digital assets – structured or unstructured data carrying value in the eyes of their owner.


Respect Network Founding Partners Collaborate with SWIFT Innotribe on Digital Asset Grid : SIBOS, Osaka, Japan —October 29, 2012— At the Sibos international banking conference today, the Founding Partners of the Respect Network announced their collaboration with Innotribe, the innovation initiative of SWIFT, to develop the prototype infrastructure and first applications for the Digital Asset Grid, the new platform being proposed by SWIFT for secure peer-to-peer data sharing between trusted people, businesses, and devices.


Ctrl-Shift’s White Paper which will be published on October 31 – Information Logistics: Key to Digital Value Creation

The paper covers: the market opportunity for information logistics and why it is so game changing; how Information Logistics Platforms tackle the hard problems around data trust, quality, identity, rights, permissions and value exchange; new developments including the Digital Asset Grid; and addresses some key questions around pace of market change. Generally it explains why we think information logistics is as big an economic phase change as the mass production line: enabling a new explosion of innovation and wealth creation driven by the plethora of new information servicers it makes possible.


Putting control of personal data where it belongs – with the individual. Commissioner Cavoukian applauds organizations within the emerging Personal Data Ecosystem for ensuring strong privacy protection. To know more about the project you have access to the following documents

The Commissioner’s Video Blog

Privacy by Design and the Emerging Personnal Data Ecosystem and the discussion paper



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