Our 2014 finalists, 9 startups and 6 innovators, have been selected during the 3 regional showcases we held in May and June. They will compete in the Grand Finale at Sibos in Boston, pitching their business ideas to an invitation-only audience of dozens of decision makers from the world’s largest financial institutions, entrepreneurs, investors and press.


Founded in 2013, CurrencyTransfer is an international payment price feed aggregator. With its headquarters in the United Kingdom as well as an office in Tel Aviv, CurrencyTransfer.com is the… [ Read more ]

Ensygnia was founded in 2012 by co-founders who both have extensive experience in the IT industry. With more than 60 employees and two launched customers totalling approximately 500,000 users… [ Read more ]

TransferGo is the only pure-play digital international money transfer service that also uses its own infrastructure and bank partnerships. It enables faster, cheaper and more convenient… [ Read more ]

Lendstar is a German-based startup that is a social financial network aiming to provide real-time money transfer via a mobile wallet and a prepaid credit card. Lendstar offers its users… [ Read more ]

Hong Kong-based Sixscape was founded in 2013 and describes itself as a Netscape for the IPv6 Internet. Sixscape provides the kind of innovation (End2End Connectivity, Peer TLS and PKI)… [ Read more ]

Stockspot focuses on online investment advice and portfolio management. Founded in 2013, this Australian startup has already garnered interest from more than 500 signed up clients… [ Read more ]

Founded in 2013, Epiphyte is a US-based startup that offers enterprise software that bridges traditional finance and crypto-finance. All the currency, asset and derivative holdings of the world… [ Read more ]

LendingRobot was founded in 2012 and is based in the US. The company offers automated investments in peer lending with sophisticated, yet simple-to-use analytics tools. LendingRobot… [ Read more ]

Standard Treasury
Founded in 2013, Standard Treasury is a US-based startup that offers API platforms for banks. Standard Treasury helps banks harness the power of developers and developer ecosystems by… [ Read more ]


Founded in 2011, Mambu is a German-based company that offers a native cloud banking technology platform. Mambu enables any financial institution to deliver state-of-the-art banking… [ Read more ]

MatchMove helps online businesses engage and monetise their users through the strategic use of cloud-based entertainment and payment platform. Full-featured “gamification”, social… [ Read more ]

Advanced Merchant Payments
Advanced Merchant Payments is banks’ alternative to alternative lending. This Hong Kong-based innovator was founded in 2009 and is currently active in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the… [ Read more ]

Fastacash is a Singapore-based innovator which aims to enable value transfer through social means. Founded in 2012, the company provides a global platform which allows users to transfer value… [ Read more ]

Juntos Finanzas
Juntos Finanzas is a US-based company that was founded in 2010 and offers personal finance services for the “newly-banked” market. Around the world in emerging markets, hundreds of… [ Read more ]

Wallaby Financial
Wallaby, a US-based innovator founded in 2011, is changing the way people pay and the way financial institutions market. Its intelligent card recommendation system enables a dynamic real-time… [ Read more ]

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