Date: 6 May

Partner: SWIFT African Regional Conference

Location: The Westin, Convention Square, Lower Long Street, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa

Read the Press Release announcing the winners who will head on to the Finale at Sibos, watch all videos (interviews, wrap-up, and individual company pitches) on our YouTube channel, and get a nice social perspective of the event with our Storify. A selection of the best pictures is also available on our photo library.

To have more information around the 2015 Startup Challenge programme and the 60 companies participating this year, click here.

Here below, a quick overview of all companies who presented during the showcase:

Early-stage startups: less than 3 years old, and who have less than $1Million in Combined Revenue and Investment in the previous 12 months

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logo ns card, creditable enables caring employers to easily manage financial wellness for their employees by enabling them to administer payroll deduction services and products such as loans and savings products.

MyDigiVault_Logo_Design, mydigivault.net is a digital legacy management solution that protects and preserves a person’s physical and digital assets. The platform is modular – rich in functionality – intuitive in its design – and creates value by connecting and facilitating interactions between end-users and key stakeholders. Visit their website

ex3c,Ex Nihilo Labs is a mobile financial technology firm focused on making financial transactions as easy and cheap as possible. We are pioneering a movement that seeks to give everyone equal access to the mainstream economy from the palm of their hands.

intelworld_logo, Our business builds systems that allow our customers to transact with their clients using mobile devices – creating a payment and commerce ecosystem that can be used by all types of businesses. Visit their website

kulealogo, Kulea Consulting is a specialist business consultancy passionate about nurturing entrepreneurship and growing sustainable businesses. Their product Moola 1-2-3 is an interactive – easy-to-use – and real-time mobile app. Visit their website

Lula Logo, LulaLend is an online provider of short-term business loans solving one of the biggest issues facing Small & Medium Enterprises. Applying for a loan is quick – simple – and can all be done online within 24 hours.

NOTAFY HORIZONTAL 2000x2000, Notafy was created to reduce the cost of business to consumer (and application to person) mobile messaging by replacing traditional SMS communication with instant messaging technology – think WhatsApp for business. Visit their website

Yuedilligence, YueDiligence is an actionable light-touch due diligence tool for entrepreneurs – investors – and service providers to assess gaps in key business disciplines to advance partnerships and fundraising preparation. Visit their website

Growth-stage startups: more than 3 years old, or more than $1Million in Combined Revenue and Investment in the previous 12 months

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2quins, 2Quins is a specialist financial services sector solution provider and its niche is to reengineer and transform financial process and systems for productivity and quality that leads to thriving and effective finance and business information teams. Visit their website

BristleconeHoldings2014-Logo-FINAL,Bristlecone Holdings is committed to changing the world of financial services for the better. Consumers of credit products deserve greater functionality and more personalized service – particularly those in niche markets who are under-banked or ignored by traditional lending providers. Visit their website

scanman, ScanMan software is flexible – innovative and customisable software for managing fixed and moveable assets. It allows for easy importing and exporting of data to and from legacy systems. Visit their website

ZAQ LOGO, ZAQ Finance frees low-income people from the exploitative debt-trap and poor value for money financial products (and others). Visit their website


Showcase sponsors:

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