Date: 18 June

Partners: Next Bank USA and Bank Innovators Council

Location: Ogilvy & Mather, 636 11th Avenue, NY 10036, USA

Read the Press Release announcing the winners who will head on to the Finale at Sibos and watch all videos related to the event (interviews, and individual company pitches) on our YouTube channel. A Storify offering a nice social perspective of the event, a wrap-up video, and a selection of the best pictures will be available shortly.

To have more information around the 2015 Startup Challenge programme and the 60 companies participating this year, click here.

Here below, a quick overview of all companies who presented during the showcase:

Early-stage startups: less than 3 years old, and who have less than $1Million in Combined Revenue and Investment in the previous 12 months

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CAAAPITAL_style1, CAAAPITAL is the marketplace where pre-approved projects from mid-size companies are showcased to investors globally. Users can securely connect – share marketing and due diligence documents – form debt and equity syndicates – and close transactions with ease. Visit their website
CrowdTransferLogo_real, CrowdTransfer is a Social Network created to allow international money transfers at no cost by avoiding established banks fees and exchange rates. Our community enables you to exchange money directly with other members at a mid-market currency exchange rate. Visit their website
hyperledger 1, Hyper is the commercial entity behind the open source Hyperledger value transfer protocol. We are building proprietary solutions on top of the platform for financial institutions to leverage decentralised ledger technology. Visit their website
lendingstar, LendingStar is a business platform where private and institutional investors can directly invest in small and medium enterprises from around the world. We target SMEs in emerging markets in South East Asia and MENA regions. Visit their website
Paypeople, PayPeople is a service that gives businesses in emerging markets the ability to securely pay employees and suppliers through existing mobile money networks. Providing a less risky alternative to cash payments PayPeople also eases compliance with payroll regulations through automated tax reports.
SizeUpLogo, SizeUp provides business intelligence and market research to companies so they can make smarter decisions through data. Financial institutions provide SizeUp to their customers to support their growth and economic success. SizeUp provides competitive industry benchmarking – shows potential customers/suppliers/competitors and identifies optimal locations to advertise. Visit their website
token01, Token is a Silicon Valley start-up company that is developing a comprehensive solution to the most important problem in US banking today: the faster payments problem. The Token bank API allows both push and pull transactions that can be initiated by client applications such as the Token wallet and other third party applications. Visit their website
UCX_final_logo, UCX (Universal Compute Xchange) enables buyers and sellers to engage in price discovery and trade standardized WAC financial contracts to reduce their financial IT Infrastructure risk exposure while increasing operational agility and market efficiency – from a transparent and centralized marketplace. Visit their website
Worapay, WoraPay is a b2b only helping banks – telcos and other mWallets to gather new merchants – territories and payment methods. Through one platform and one integration they have access to thousands of merchants – new countries and new POS integrations. Visit their website

Growth-stage startups: more than 3 years old, or more than $1Million in Combined Revenue and Investment in the previous 12 months

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payfirma,Payfirma helps you accept any kind of payment – securely store card information – automate your billing and view real-time sales data – all using one platform. Visit their website
Pendo_Logo_final,Pendo Systems provides a solution for global transparency of investment data. This is a part of our industry that is truly encumbered with legacy applications by line of business and jurisdiction. Pendo can provide the critical granular data to eliminate silos and repurpose the data to adhere to these ever-changing requirements. Visit their website
shift_logo_R2V5, Shift is making it easy for users to spend any currency at existing credit card accepting merchants. Users can check account balances – set their spending priority list – and access their transaction history from the Shift app. Visit their website
Print,Yantra’s Vision is to enable fast – secure – contextual and conditional money movement between individuals and businesses across the globe. The company provides multiple product offerings that combine real-time payments with real-time transaction and risk-management capabilities. Visit their website

Showcase sponsors:

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