• Innotribe@Sibos

    ICC Sydney, October 22-25 2018

Launched by SWIFT in 2008 to bring insights from the edges of our ecosystem to the financial community at Sibos, Innotribe has continually showcased the technologies that impact on all of our lives. Blockchain, Big Data, IoT, the Gig economy, and FinTechs have all emerged in the past decade, and have all been found on the Innotribe stage.

For this year’s Sibos in Sydney, SWIFT Innotribe is taking a jump to the year 2030. Each day will feature a different theme examining the capabilities that today’s nascent technologies could bring to the financial services industry, looking at the important aspects of how to build and secure the future.

Day one is about trust, with a focus on decentralization as a new form of trust. We currently work in a centralised world, what happens when we move from a centrist’s model to a model where individuals control their own data at the edges of the ecosystem; what does this mean for financial services?

Day two is about quantum computing. It’s no secret about quantum’s capabilities in regards to encryption, but Innotribe is taking the discussion one step further. These sessions will explore the processing power of quantum, what is coming next, and how these capabilities will impact financial services.

Day three will focus on the interconnectedness of everything and the future of artificial intelligence (AI). Innotribe will look at AI in the contextual banking sense within the scope of the future of money session, but will also dig much deeper into the world of neuronets – a collection of connected computing systems inspired by biological neural networks.

This year’s Innotribe at Sibos is about bringing these pieces – data provided by decentralisation, the processing power from quantum computing and the decision making power of AI – together and set the stage for day four, which aims to tackle the 800 pound elephant in the room – how do we secure this future state and respect everyone’s privacy along the way?

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Discover Zone

Innotribe has an amazing stand in the heart of the Discover Zone at Sibos, surrounded by the fintech marketplace, the Oceania Fintech lounge, universities and bank innovation labs, all of them looking at what is coming next for financial services.

Find out more about the Discover Zone on Sibos.com

2018 Innotribe Stand

Why should I attend?

Innotribe puts innovation centre stage at Sibos, providing the forum for critical dialogue and networking. Join us in Sydney and you can:

  • Meet some of the most forward-thinking leaders in AI, machine learning, quantum computing and much more
  • Explore the concept of decentralization as a new form of trust
  • Take advantage of the extensive networking opportunites with peers from banking, fintechs, academia and thought leaders
  • Discover avenues of collaboration with Fintech hubs from different geographies, including a specific focus on the Oceania ecosystem

What is Sibos

Sibos is an annual conference, exhibition and networking event organised by SWIFT for the financial industry. What started out as SWIFT’s international banking operations seminar, has grown into a premier business forum for the global financial community to debate and collaborate in the areas of payments, securities, cash management and trade

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