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ADavisAndrew Davis (HSBC)
Andrew is a banker of more than 20 years, having spent most of that time in cash management and with a first-hand understanding of the Asia region. In his current capacity, he is responsible for setting the global e-commerce strategy and innovation agenda, spanning the commercial & corporate transaction banking businesses of HSBC.
Before assuming his current role, Andrew was Head of Product Management with responsibility for the Australian cash management proposition that is offered to HSBC’s corporate, institutional and commercial banking customers within and outside of Australia.
Prior to that, Andrew was based in Hong Kong as Senior Vice President, Regional Channel Management, Asia Pacific with responsibility for the strategic direction and development of HSBC’s web-based platform, HSBCnet, its host-to-host solution, HSBC Connect, as well as its SWIFT for corporates offering.
Previous to joining HSBC, Andrew worked for a number of years within transaction banking at Citigroup in Australia and Hong Kong as well as with a subsidiary of JPMorgan Australia, Austrapay.
Meet Andrew on:
Thursday, 19 September
13:30 – 14:30, Innotribe Closing “Around the Campfire”

CSkinnerChris Skinner (Chairman, The Financial Services Club)
The Financial Services Club was founded in 2004 to network financial and technology professionals, with a focus on the future of financial services.  The network delivers high quality and in-depth research, analysis, commentary and debate and has regular meetings.  More importantly, it provides a critically independent platform for practitioners, regulators and industry leaders to meet, network and discuss the future of our industry.
Chris Skinner is an independent commentator on the financial markets and he assists clients as an advisor, as well as sometimes being commissioned to write or speak on their behalf at conferences and tradeshows.
Alongside his role as Chief Executive of Balatro, Chris chairs the Financial Services Club and is a notorious writer for the blog, as well as regular columns in many national and international banking publications.  He  has also written several books on banking.
Meet Chris on:
Monday, 16 September
09:30 – 10:30, Future of Money

DMarovitzDan Marovitz (Buzzumi)
Tech industry veteran Daniel Marovitz knows a thing or two about digital transactions: Until July 2011 he was head of product management for Deustche Bank’s global transaction banking business and a member of the board of the $5 billion a year commercial bank.
He also has experience with online communities, thanks to a stint as the vice president of commerce at iVillage, the online women’s network.
Now, Marovitz, a 41-year-old American living in London, is leveraging his diverse expertise to create buzzumi, a new Internet platform, which aims to help organizations and individuals monetize online communities.
Meet Dan on:
Monday, 16 September
09:30 – 10:30, Future of Money

DErasmusDaniel Erasmus (Digital Thinking Network)
Scenario thinking, Big Data analytics, large-scale transformation, Europe, Africa, Future Energy Technologies.
Since 1996 Daniel Erasmus has been facilitating scenario processes for diverse clients across three con6nents. As a founder and director of the DTN, Daniel leads a consul6ng firm that specialises in scenario thinking and transformation processes, and licenses early warning systems to organisations interested in looking ahead. With an international staff of members and associates, Daniel has worked with a range of private and public sector clients that include Nokia, Rabobank, the city Rotterdam , the Rijksgebouwendienst, Schlumberger, Sanoma, Telenor, Vodafone.
Daniel is CEO of NewsConsole, which provides its clients insight into today and tomorrow’s news. It is a big data web scale predictive analytics platform that is capable of analyzing all the news in the world and present the results in custom reports, mobile applications and a cutting edge analytical tool. Board members include, Brewster Kahle, Danny Hillis, John Seely Brown, and Dame Jenny Shipley.
Strategic initiatives resulting from DTN scenarios have facilitated € 400 million in additional valuation for its clients since 2001. Among others the DTN scenarios has anticipated the global financial crisis in 2006, a $70+ oil price when it was $23, the foundering of the European constitution, shifts to online and mobile television viewing, rise of the Internet, the long recession that followed the dot com-crash, delay in 3G implementation and the dominance of WiFi, the failure of WAP and success of SMS, etc.
In public sector transformation the DTN created and ran the International Advisory Board for the City of Rotterdam, which lead to the groundbreaking initiative in 2006 to half the city’s CO2 emissions by 2025 and to become the number 1 intercultural city in Europe.
He has been the guest editor and columnist for a number of publications. He authored the column The Information Society for The Financial Times Review; the column The Economy of Ideas for Intelligence and Intermediair ; and the column Hello World for PC-Review. Additionally was the guest editor of The Journal for Convergence, and the editor of the book Reflecting the Internet 1.0: Human and has authored several academic publications in the Internet, multimedia, technology and risk management fields.
In addition to consulting work, Daniel is a visiting professor at Ashridge Business School and a fellow at The Rotterdam School of Management. As a lecturer he has taught scenario thinking to almost than a 2000 executives and post graduate MBA students at companies and business schools from Helsinki to Cape Town, and from Paris to Seoul.
Accompanying the landmark Van Gogh Museum’s Van Gogh Gauguin Exhibition in 2001 he developed the Van Gogh Gauguin Experience together with genial teams from SQR and the Van Gogh Museum. The resulting site we call a Web Experience, neither a film nor a web site, it is a meshing of the two media. This Web Experience, his first site, won an ID Magazine Bronze prize and a nomination for a Cannes CyberLion in 2001. It had 250 000 visitors during 6 months of the exhibition, which is equal to a quarter of the visitors that physically visited the exhibition. It was the largest and most complicated Adobe Flash animation created at the time.
Meet Daniel on:
Tuesday, 17 September
09:30 – 10:30, Toolkit: Planning for unpredictable futures
12:30 – 16:00, Big Data creates Network Insights for Growth

DGrayDave Gray (Author of ‘The Connected Company‘ and ‘Game Storming‘)
Dave Gray works with executives to distill complex ideas, information and challenges into compelling visual maps and stories that people can quickly understand. He helps groups work together to visualize complex challenges, making them easier to see, share and solve, so they can discover opportunities for new products and services, clearly explain complex business solutions, and reduce resistance to change initiatives. Dave has authored two books on designing change and innovation. His first book, Gamestorming, is a practical handbook for innovators and change agents. His second book, The Connected Company, is a strategic blueprint and roadmap for businesses who want to innovate and lead in the next century. Dave is the founder of XPLANE, the visual thinking company, which was acquired by the Dachis Group in 2010. Dave is also a founding member of VizThink, an international community of Visual Thinkers, and serves on several advisory boards.
Meet Dave on:
Monday, 16 September
09:30 – 10:30, Future of Money
15:30 – 17:00, Toolkit: Better Decision Making through Creative Techniques
Tuesday, 17 September
16:30 – 17:30, Toolkit: Thinking in images
Thursday, 19 September
12:30 – 14:00, Beyond GDP: What is real wealth?

HUberoiHank Uberoi (CEO, Earthport)
Hank has served as Chief Executive Officer of Earthport since February 2010. Before joining Earthport, Hank focused on investments in technology, financial services and payments – with an emphasis on cross-border business models. Until April 2004 he was the Chief Operating Officer at Citadel Investment Group. Hank previously spent 14 years at Goldman Sachs, most recently as a partner and co-Chief Operating Officer of the technology division. He graduated from Williams College, Massachusetts with a BA, Magna Cum Laude.
Meet Hank on:
Monday, 16 September
09:30 – 10:30, Future of Money

HShaugnessyHaydn Shaughnessy (The Innovation Lifestyle)
In the late 1980s my job, part from managing a few downstream satellite application pilots, was to write populist pamphlets, pre the Web, on broadband applications, 3G (before it was invented), and Wired Cities, trying to whip up enthusiasm among politicians around Europe and, we dared hope, among voters.
In the 1990s Europe had an economic mission that I am proud to have played a part in. It gave me huge insights into the emerging ecosystems of wealth creation. Along with people like Bob Pestel we got to think about communities of interest as an economic factor, the need for remote working, the potential of education anywhere, anytime and similar behaviours that we now accept as the norm.
Since then I’ve been in and out of both professions, writing, on the one hand, and doing tech and economic futures, on the other. More recently I’ve worked with think tanks like nGenera, run by Don Tapscott and I’ve advised large companies and big state bodies like the Dutch Academy of Science and the Swedish Research Institutes (RISE).
I have just finished a paper on the Evolution of The Innovation Landscape, and I am a research fellow at the Center For Digital Transformation at UC Irvine, where I am also an advisory board member.
Meet Haydn on:
Monday, 16 September
15:30 – 17:00, Toolkit: Better Decision Making through Creative Techniques
Wednesday, 18 September
09:30 – 10:30, New Innovation Models

JMoedJames Moed (IDEO London)
James Moed is passionate about making finances feel human again – with products, services, spaces, and interactions that transform our complex relationship with money. As a leader of IDEO’s work in financial service design across Europe, he advises clients and design teams, combining observations of human behaviour with inspiration from other services, new business models, and emerging technologies.
James’ work with clients like Visa, Generali, Swiss Life, and Bank Audi, builds on cross-sector insights drawn from experience in energy, health care, luxury, and consumer goods. He speaks and writes frequently about the intersection of design and business, facilitating conversations on innovation with students, startups, and executives.
Before joining IDEO, James spent many years developing new opportunities for media outlets, from early podcasters to Japanese comic-book publishers and MTV Europe. After earning an MBA from INSEAD, he joined Jump Associates, a Silicon Valley design strategy firm. James also holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations from Brown University, which explains why he speaks enough French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Japanese, and Hebrew to get out of trouble almost anywhere in the world.
Meet James on:
Monday, 16 September
11:00 – 12:15, Future of Money

JRoosJaspar Roos (Chief Inspiration Officer and Innovator, ABN AMRO Dialogues)
My main focus is innovation and inspiration. I retrieve energy from innnovation and entrepreneurship by managing the Dialogues Incubator, and from working with companies like ‘Inspiratie Akademie’ (www.ontketenjeambitie.nl) and ‘Incubator Exchange’.
Next to that, I am also part of different boards and committees, amongst which:
-Board member Erasmus Medical Center Incubator, one of the largest hospitals in the world
-FEI EMEA, one of the largest innovation conferences in the world
-Trendwatcher of the year board
-Founder Institute Amsterdam
Meet Jaspar on:
Wednesday, 18 September
09.30 – 10:30, New Innovation Models
Thursday, 19 September
09.30 – 10.30, Powertalks: Best Innovations in FinTech

JHavensJohn C. Havens (The Happathon Project)
John C. Havens is Founder of the H(app)athon Project, a contributing writer for Mashable, and author of “H(app)y – Claiming Your Value in a Connected World” (Tarcher/Penguin, 2014). The H(app)athon Project, is a twelve-month initiative comprised of awareness-building events, surveys and hackathons with the goal of “Crowdsourcing a Vision for the Happiness Economy.” Guided by a Committee of more than thirty experts from organizations including the United Nations, World Economic Forum, salesforce.com, Microsoft, PEW Internet, and MIT, the Project wants to “hack happiness” by shifting how the world primarily looks at value or wealth via the lens of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). By utilizing emerging technology and the growing body of happiness indicators around the world, the Project seeks to empower individuals, businesses, and governmental organizations to imagine, define and build a more holistic view of well-being that’s not based just on money.
Havens was EVP of Social Media at Porter Novelli, VP of Business Development for BlogTalkRadio.com, the first About.com Guide to Podcasting, and has advised dozens of clients on social/emerging media like Gillette, Merck, HP, Monster, and P&G in these roles and as a consultant.
He is a also a former professional actor and current blues musician. John is also a regular keynote speaker on the intersection of technology and culture at places like SXSW, Web 2.0, Wall Street Journal Digital Events, and for private company functions.
Meet John on
Thursday, 19 September
12:30 – 14:00, Beyond GDP: What is real wealth?

JPRangaswamiJP Rangaswami (Chief Scientist, Salesforce)
Originally an economist and financial journalist, I’ve been an accidental technologist for over a quarter of a century. I’ve spent most of my adult life working in that strange space where finance meets technology, for a number of very large firms. Since October 2010 I work for salesforce.com as Chief Scientist.
I’m passionate about my profession(s), both planned and accidental. A Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and a Fellow of the British Computer Society. More and more my interests have moved towards education, I keep thinking of setting up a school from scratch. Which is partly why I’m chairman of The School Of Everything.
I’m passionate about work (!) , particularly with reference to how work is changing: the paradigms created by globalisation, disintermediation and the web; the implications of virtualisation, service orientation and commoditisation; why publishing and search and fulfilment and conversation are the only “applications” we may need; how telephony becoming software and the wireless internet interact with mobile devices; the terrors of poorly thought out IPR and DRM; the need to avoid walled gardens of my own making; how children now teach me about work; the socialising of information, how it creates value by being shared, how it is enriched, how it is corrupted.
How information behaves and what I can learn from it. Which is partly why I’m chairman of Ribbit.
Meet JP on:
Thursday, 19 September
13:30 – 14:30, Innotribe Closing “Around the Campfire”

KSoramakiKimmo Soramäki (Founder & CEO, Financial Network Analytics)
Before founding FNA in 2010, he worked for 15 years in policy-making and multidisciplinary research at several central banks – including the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He has published in academic journals in the areas of economics, statistical mechanics and operations research and is a frequent speaker at industry and academic conferences. Kimmo holds a Doctor of Science in Operations Research and a Master of Science in Economics – both from Aalto University in Helsinki.
Meet Kimmo on
Tuesday, 17 September
12:30 – 16:00, Big Data creates Network Insights for Growth

KLawson2Kristoffer Lawson (Holvi)
One of the masterminds behind the company shaking up the world of banking: Holvi.com.
Tech background, entrepreneur-minded, but most of all out there to create unique and wonderful stories that change the world.
Meet Kristoffer on
Thursday, 19 September
09:30 – 10:30, Powertalks: Best Innovations in FinTech


MSpornyManu Sporny (Founder and CEO, Digital Bazaar)
Manu spends most of his time creating open standards and open technology that will integrate payments into the core architecture of the Web. His vision is to democratize finance, making the financial tools that are only available to large organizations today, available to everyone on the Web.
Manu is also the Chairman for the Web Payments, PaySwarm, JSON-LD, and RDFa standardization groups at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). He coordinates technology initiatives between companies working on Firefox, Google Chrome, Bitcoin, and a number of financial organizations. Manu also oversees technical development of core Web technologies across a wide variety of technology areas and has been a primary driving force in getting Linked Data technologies like JSON-LD and RDFa adopted at companies like Google, Microsoft, Yandex, Yahoo!, and Facebook.
Meet Manu on:
Thursday, 19 September
09:30 – 10:30, Powertalks: Best innovations in Fintech

beth & eric weddingMary Adams (Founder, Smarter Companies)
Mary Adams is the founder of Smarter-Companies and the creator of ICounts tools used to optimize the measurement, management and monetization of the intangible capital that makes up 80% of corporate value today. The company has trained licensees, called ICountants, in Europe, Africa, Asia, South- and North America. She is also the co-author of Intangible Capital: Putting Knowledge to Work in the 21st Century Organization.
Previously, she spent 14 years as the founder of Trek Consulting and 14 years as a high-risk lender at Citicorp and Sanwa Business Credit.
Meet Mary on:
Monday, 16 September
12:30 – 13:30, Investment Management 2.0

MGordonMatthew Gordon (Forward Deployed Engineer, Palantir)
Matthew P. Gordon is a Forward Deployed Engineer and head of engineering for the Palantir Legal Intelligence group. He received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Illinois in 2006, and joined Palantir in 2010 as a data modeling expert with a focus on data integration. He has deployed Palantir’s Gotham platform with a wide range of customers, including law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies, law firms, and accounting firms.
Most recently, he has worked with US Attorneys’ Offices on fighting corruption and fraud, with BakerHostelter and the Securities Investors Protection Corporation on recovering funds on behalf of the Madoff victims, and on analyzing securities fraud with the US Department of Justice Civil Division. He has spoken at the US National Association of Attorneys General on anti-money laundering technology, and has provided expert witness testimony on analysis of communication networks for civil anti-trust litigation.
Meet Mathew on:
Tuesday, 17 September
12:30 – 16:00, Big Data creates Network Insights for Growth

NBartlettNeil Bartlett (CTO and Head of Development, Risk Analytics, IBM)
Neil Bartlett was recently named as an IBM Fellow.  He was formally with Algorithmics, prior to its acquisition by IBM in 2011, where he worked for thirteen years and held the position of CTO and head of Development and prior to that the roles of Senior Vice President of Applications and Emerging Technologies, Head of Technical Architecture, and Director of Software Research.
Neil is a frequent speaker and panelist at risk events. Neil is an author of three books on Java programming development.
Meet Neil on:
Tuesday, 17 September
12:30 – 16:00, Big Data creates Network Insights for Growth

Patrick Head Shot 2013Patrick Griffin (Head of Business Development, OpenCoin Inc.)
OpenCoin is the organization that develops and promotes the Ripple network protocol and payment system.
Previously, Griffin was on the founding team at the Jumio, developed digital strategy at Universal Music group, and performed fundamental research analysis for Alpha Equity’s long/short fund.
Meet Patrick on:
Thursday, 19 September
09:30 – 10:30, Powertalks: Best innovations in Fintech

PMurckPatrick Murck (General Counsel, Bitcoin Foundation)
Patrick is a principal and founder of Engage Legal PLLC. His expertise extends across the legal and regulatory issues governing the use of Bitcoin, virtual economies, gamification, alternative payment systems, and social loyalty and reward programs.
Previously Patrick worked in business and legal affairs at BigDoor, as an attorney at a DC-based law firm, and as a journalist on international investigatory teams.
Meet Patrick on:
Monday, 16 September
09:30 – 10:30, Future of Money

PKulczakowiczPiotr Kulczakowicz (Vice President, Quantum4D)
Quantum4D is a supplier of a software platform that provides users with portals to navigable dynamic and evolving three dimensional models of the economy and markets. The platform allows for  Prior to joining Quantum4D, Piotr worked at the Strategy Practice of McKinsey&Company where he managed a number of complex analytical and research projects. He was also solving problems of efficient access to data, analytic and economic models and knowledge in general, including development of client services leveraging McKinsey’s knowledge and web-based delivery channels. Piotr earned a Master of Science degree in Applied Physics from Warsaw University of Technology and a Master of Science in Business from a joint program between Warsaw University of Technology, London Business School, HEC and Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration.
Meet Piotr on:
Tuesday, 17 September
12:30 – 16:00, Big Data creates Network Insights for Growth

SBalesScott Bales (Movenbank)
Mr. Scott Bales has been Chief Mobile Officer of Movenbank since November 15, 2011. He is responsible for defining the Movenbank mobile-centric bank technology vision and implementing the mobile technologies that enable Movenbank customers to spend, save and live smarter.
Mr. Bales served as Vice President of Business Solutions at Fundamo (Proprietary) Limited. Mr. Bales worked with organisations on strategies and plans to establish build and optimize market offerings and enjoys close relationships with many of the large International Development organizations. He joined Fundamo with over ten years experience in financial services innovation; specialising in concept strategies, thought leadership and implementation planning.
He lived in Cambodia as the Head of Technology to start ANZ´s mobile banking business, Wing Money. He draws from vast networks in creating visions that drive practical and sustainable business models.
His Previous roles include management of technology solutions and strategies in Retail Banking, Risk Management, Fraud Management, Cash Management and Transaction Banking.
Mr. Bales has a Bachelor of Applied Science, Post Grad Dip in Information Technology, a Masters of Business, Project Management Cert IV.
Meet Scott on:
Monday, 16 September
09:30 – 10:30, Future of Money

SSmallSimon Small (Founder & Director, Arria)
Simon Small is a founding Director of Arria NLG, has been on the board of Data2Text Limited since May 2012 and is on the board of the Arria NLG Research Centre at the University of Aberdeen. Simon first identified the Data2Text Limited opportunity and introduced the company to Arria NLG and was a member of the team that led its acquisition by Arria NLG. He established and built the Diligent Board Member Services business in UK and EMEA over five years from May 2007 until April 2012, including the signing on of 25 of the UK’s FTSE 100 companies (the hundred largest companies by market capitalisation), as well as the boards of leading European financial institutions. Prior to establishing Diligent’s flourishing EMEA business, Simon had 12 years experience in a wide range of international management and consulting positions largely focused on delivering technology innovations in broadcasting for major media companies. He has his bachelor’s degree in broadcast communications from The New Zealand Broadcasting School in Christchurch, New Zealand. He is a member of the Institute of Directors in the United Kingdom and the Worshipful Company of International Bankers in the City of London.
Meet Simon on:
Tuesday, 17 September
12:30 – 16:00, Big Data creates Network Insights for Growth

StRichardsStephen Richards (Principle, Ability Capital)
Stephen is CEO of a financial product innovation firm called Ability Capital operating in both mainstream and ‘New Economy focused’ segments of the investment management industry.
First, Ability Capital conceived, designed and implemented an Australian equities fund delivering “free” downside protection for institutional superannuation funds and their members. While traditional investment theory suggests the prospect of costless options as impossible, nearly three years of actual performance confirms the reality of Ability Capital’s innovation.
Second, Ability Capital, together with a range of multi-disciplinary global and Australian institutions, are creating a way for ordinary people to democratically participate in setting the ultimate financial and non-financial objectives pension fund trustees use to define how our collective capital is being invested. It is now possible to use progressive 21st Century movement building technologies (such as those used by Avaaz, Peers.org and Getup) to integrate consumer and investor advocacy in an integrated fashion and at massive scale.
Ability Capital and its network of collaborators are calling this ‘Investment Management 2.0’ and welcome anyone interested in collaboration to join us in this innovation process, the second focus of Ability Capital’s purpose.
Meet Stephen on:
Monday, 16 September
12:30 – 13:30: Investment Management 2.0

Alistair BaylissUdayan Goyal (Partner and Co-Founder of Anthemis Group)
Udayan is one of the most respected deal-makers in the Fintech space, bringing exceptional domain expertise and a global “who’s-who” network of industry professionals and statesmen. Founder of Anthemis Group SA and of corporate boutique FT Advisors, Udayan has completed over 200 deals in the Fin Tech space to date, including a number of recent flagship transactions such as Worldpay, Interswitch and Network International. He was formerly the Managing Director and Global Head of Financial Technology Advisory at Deutsche Bank AG in the Global Financial Institutions Group based in London. Prior to Deutsche, Udayan had specific responsibility for developing the pan-European specialty finance practice of Credit Suisse with a focus on financial technology. In this capacity he built strong relationships with payment processors, brokerage companies, inter-dealer brokers, hedge funds and stock exchanges globally. Born in New Delhi, India, Udayan graduated from Trinity College, University of Cambridge and was named one of the Financial News Top 100 Rising Stars in both 2009 and 2010. He’s also part of the Swift Enablers, driving innovation in the banking industry.
Meet Udayan on:
Monday, 16 September
09:30 – 10:30, Future of Money

VVoronVince Voron (Dolby Marketing Studio)
Today, Vince Voron is Vice President, Executive Creative Director of the Dolby Marketing Studio. Vince leads a Marketing team which includes Design & Copywriting, Brand Management, Digital Marketing, Experiential Marketing, the Dolby Theater, Content Development, and Production & Technology.
Vince has an impressive background, with a degree in Electrical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, an MBA from San Jose State University, and a Human Ecology Design Degree from the University of Paris — plus more than 20 years of marketing design experience from two of the world’s most iconic brands: Apple and Coca-Cola.
Vince began his career with Apple in 1986 serving as senior industrial design manager until 2006. During this period, he developed and led the human factors and color teams responsible for iMacs, PowerBooks, iPods and the iPhone.
Subsequently, Vince joined Coca-Cola in 2006 and was Associate Vice President and Head of Design for Coca-Cola North America through 2013. His responsibilities included driving the strategic design vision and brand visual communications for eight global brands. Inclusive of creating innovative and alluring touchpoints with the greatest number of consumer interactions per day: Millions and millions. He also developed the first 3D and 4D visual identity system for proprietary Coca-Cola equipment, digital experiences.
He holds over 30 design patents.
Meet Vince on:
Monday, 16 September
11:00 – 12:15, Toolkit: Design Thinking
12:30 – 13:30, Investment Management 2.0

WalidJelassiWalid Jelassi (HP)
Walid Jelassi is a Transformation Consultant at HP with over 12 years experience in data management, reporting and analytics in financial services. He has a strong track record in developing and implementing data driven actionable strategies, and leading large and diverse data specialist teams to help organisations attain their business objectives.
In his current role, Walid works with internal and external clients at HP to provide subject-matter expertise in the areas of customer insight, modelling, analytics and CRM, during pre-sales, solution development and delivery.
Before joining HP, he was at the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) where he held positions as Head of Data, Analytics & Strategy for the PPI complaints resolution programme, and Head of Customer and Channels Analytics in Retail.
Walid started his career at Barclays as an Analyst. He went on to head up Customer Insight for Barclays Wealth where he set up an advanced analytics team to support the business in designing and shaping the bank’s products, customer contact, and proposition initiatives.
Meet Walid on:
Tuesday, 17 September
12:30 – 16:00, Big Data creates Network Insights for Growth