• MatchmoveDaniel O'Prey: The Innotribe experience and team have been fantastic from start to finish. Progressing from the New York regional showcase was extremely valuable in our acquisition by Digital Asset Holdings. We have had amazing exposure to our target market and look forward to following-up on all the leads it has generated as well as having a closer relationship with SWIFT.
    Hyperledger, 2015 Winner

Epiphyte LogoEdan Yago: For us, Innotribe has been a fantastic opportunity to build deeper connections with the banking community. It is very exciting to see the banking community embrace our technology and compliance solution. We believe that distributed technologies are a key innovation in the future of finance and we are very excited to help banks and financial institutions to integrate them into their systems.
Epiphyte, 2014 Winner (Startup)
MatchmoveShailesh Naik: Innotribe is one of the most prestigious discovery platforms for new innovations in the fintech space. For us to win at this event brings global credibility and valuable exposure. The coaching sessions, combined with the excellent organisation of the event truly help growing companies like ours to expand their business very effectively and efficiently. The positive impact that Innotribe has had on us will be felt for a long time to come.
Matchmove, 2014 Winner (Innovator)

KlickEx Logo Robert Bell: Being part of the Innotribe process completely changed the way we thought about presenting our technology, and business model - and gave us the confidence to do it amongst one of the most high-powered audiences you will get anywhere. The Innotribe team are top notch and they really understood our deeply technical product right from the start. The psychological support of having extremely knowledgeable people helping you design and explain a great product as simply and quickly as possible, was utterly invaluable. In fact, aside from being voted as the official winner of the "most improved presentation” - we actually went on to do more business at Sibos this year than in our prior two and a half years combined. We have tripled our team, and quadrupled our income just from that, and it's only been a month since we won the prize. And this is only the beginning! The whole process, from the day we started putting together the applications and up until the Grand Finale at Sibos was one of the most valuable guidance programs we've ever undertaken.   The quality and diversity of advisers and mentors the Innotribe Startup Challenge has brought in front of us is unparalleled in the world of start-up guidance in Fin-Tech. These are people who really understand banking and high-growth banking products. This is highly significant, with so many experts out there who are not well versed on the massive scales within finance.
KlickEx, 2013 Winner (Startup)
Waratek_LogoJohn Matthew Holt: The Waratek solution has the ability to save the Banking Industry $300bn over 5 years, but the story behind is very technical. Working with the Innotribe Startup Challenge mentors helped us refine this message and make it understandable to a non-technical audience. I would encourage other companies to take part in this competition where they can take on board advice from the coaches and gain great visibility for their solution.
Waratek, 2013 Winner (Innovator)

EFLLogo-mediumDJ Donna: EFL and MasterCard announced a global partnership at the Sibos conference in Dubai. This partnership will leverage MasterCard's extensive network and existing relationships with financial institutions to scale EFL's credit scoring technology to new markets and new partner banks. EFL and MasterCard will kick off the partnership with Banco BHD, where EFL's technology will be used to expand credit underwriting for thousands of small businesses and new entrepreneurs in the Dominican Republic.
The Entrepreneurial Finance Lab, 2013 Finalist
pocketbook-logo-black(1)Bosco Tan: Innotribe was a fantastic platform to get in front of leading banks from around the world. It is a priceless opportunity for us, a company in our first year and located as remotely as Australia. We met so many fantastic entrepreneurs, investors, coaches along our journey, as well as getting a global view of demand for a product like ours. For us, participating in the 2013 Challenge was a no brainer.
Pocketbook, 2013 Finalist

biocatchUri Rivner: We leveraged being selected as a semi-finalist for the London showcase when talking to banks. Since the event we've done our first two installations (US/Canada), and have a great pipeline of prospects in North America and UK.
BioCatch, 2013
GIEOM_logo_Apr2012John Santhosh: Innotribe Startup Challenge has brought us increased visibility among banks globally! From the time we qualified at the Singapore challenge, we added four large banks to our customer list and we concluded a deal with a leading African regional bank during Sibos.
GIEOM, 2013 Finalist

People HedgePeople HedgePeople Hedgepeople hedgeDamon Magnuski : We are going to launch offshore from the United States.  The regulatory burden is so great that we find it will be easier to launch from the Caymans and service non-US customers. We are also raising capital in a convertible debt round.
People Hedge, 2013
RM-Logo-Boxy-Black-MediumJilliene Helman: We have achieved valuable connections, we currently are in discussions with a bank who is looking for a programmatic partner to do crowd-funding and had a lot of investor interest!
Realty Mogul, 2013 Finalist

StudentFunder_LogoJuan Guerra: Since the event we have:
  • Become part of the Barclays Social Enterprise Support Programme
  • Begun advising the government in postgraduate funding
  • And we may be closing a wholesale deal with a social bank this quarter
  • Oh, and of course, we have crossed the Alps (AND ANDES!!!) in elephant onesies and are currently fundraising a small loan fund.
Student Funder, 2013
2012 finalist logo xyverifyElliot Klein: We made progress thanks to XYverify's participation. After the Grand Finale in Dubai the co-founder of SQUARE and of the Cultivation Capital investment group announced a pre-series A investment growth capital and other support. Overall, it's clear that Innotribe Startup Challenge is a great opportunity to grow a startup fast.
XYVerify, 2013 Finalist

Y_FindMelvin Yuan: YFind Technologies has been acquired by Ruckus Wireless - a global Wi-Fi technology pioneer focused on building the next generation of Smart Wireless LAN systems.
YFind Technologies, 2013
2012 finalist logo gustDavid S. Rose: The Innotribe Startup Challenge was a great experience for Gust, and I would recommend it to any start-up looking to introduce their product to the financial services industry.
Gust, 2012 Winner (Innovator)

2012 finalist logo PlaymoolahLee Min Xuan: The Innotribe Startup Challenge has definitely been a catalyst in helping PlayMoolah gain international exposure within the banking circle. We received a lot of interest at Sibos which gave us the opportunity to participate in the critical dialogue on the future of banking, helping to shape the reinvention of banking to one that puts focus back on the customer.
PlayMoolah, 2012 Winner (Startup)
2011 results logo ChangeItBDavid Beaton: The Innotribe event was fantastic for us. The key piece of feedback that we received was to build out the business case for banks on how ChangeIt fully supports and enhances their corporate social responsibility strategies. This valuable advice has helped to accelerate our growth. Currently, we are building a footprint across Canada with credit unions, but in time we see ChangeIt as a program that every bank should adopt. The event was fantastic for us.  The key piece of feedback that we received was that we needed to build out the business case for banks on how ChangeIt fully supports and enhances their corporate social responsibility strategies. Banks stand to gain a powerful marketing channel (the entire charitable industry), increased card spend (top of wallet behavior), and brand equity (value alignment with their customers). Although we have not launched with any of the banks we met with at the event, we have certainly used this experience as a vehicle for opening other doors which have led to strategic partnerships.
ChangeIt program from Formulating Change Inc., 2012 Finalist

2011 results logo CellfonyBJean-Luc Leleu: Since the Startup Challenge in Toronto, Cellfony has begun to find investors and banks to work with, and are now working directly with a major bank on a breakthrough project. We hope that this project leads to the opportunity to set up another company within the next 12 months.
Cellfony, 2012
2012 finalist logo digital shadowsAlastair Paterson: The ability to reach out to so many top-tier companies has been invaluable for us and we are excited to be competing again in Osaka. We've had a great year since the Grand Finale in 2012: • We are now working with many of the tier-one banks • We've just closed our first venture capital round • We've moved up to the 42nd floor at One Canada Square to base our operations centre
Digital Shadows, 2012 Finalist

2011 results logo DuoBDuo Security’s two-factor authentication is the simplest and safest way to secure any Internet login or transaction and prevent online fraud and account takeover. In 2012, Duo Security received $5 million in the second round of funding from Google Ventures, True Ventures and Resonant Ventures. They have recently announced a partnership with Internet2 to offer an easy-to-use and low cost two-factor authentication technology to protect information and access to services on college campuses.
Duo Security, 2012
2012 finalist logo fundingoptionsConrad Ford: Financial services is increasingly recognised as one of the great investment opportunities of this decade, but is often poorly understood by the venture capital community. The Innotribe Startup Challenge is uniquely powerful in raising credibility for any finance or fintech startup, because firms are selected by senior finance industry professionals, and in fact our own success in 2012 led to us being approached directly by high profile venture capital firms.
Funding Options, 2012

GBRRob Leslie: The biggest thing that has happened is that Sedicii has spun out from GBR and is now a company in its own right. We have been selected for the Oxygen Accelerator and are now operating from the Google Campus Building in Bonhill St. in London so that is a big vote of confidence. We are also getting ready for investment as part of the accelerator program.
GBR, 2012
LenddoJeff Stewart: Since the event we have raised an additional $6M USD and have several important partnerships in progress, many of whom were represented at Sibos. We also launched in Mexico, and on Android.  We have grown 5 fold since the event, and recognition from Innotribe helped us attract partners, investors and talent.
Lenndo, 2012

2011 results logo miiCardBStephen Brannan: miiCard has had two successful funding rounds in the last year, the first £500k in September 2011 and the second £1.6 million in April 2012, demonstrating the market’s recognition of the need to solve the problem with ID verification. We intend to continue to develop as the industry standard in real online identity verification. James Varga: We’ve been involved in the Innotribe Startup Challenge since miiCard’s inception and have really benefited from the insights, opportunities and support that have come through the Innotribe network. The exposure we’ve received has helped miiCard get recognised as a global player in electronic identity and verification and paved the way for a number of discussions with innovating financial providers and banks. We have had two very successful funding rounds, the first £500k in September 2011 and the second £1.6 million in April this year and believe every bit of exposure and support we get from the financial services industry, including Innotribe, has helped us in our investment endeavours.
miiCard, 2012 Finalist
2012 finalist logo opengammaKirk Wylie: This was a fabulous experience for OpenGamma, and our win in Belfast, coupled with our opportunity to now move on to the final stage of competition at Sibos in Osaka, gives us fantastic exposure to the entire SWIFT community. Winning the Belfast challenge helped OpenGamma secure our Series C funding in August 2012.
Open Gamma, 2012 Finalist

2012 finalist logo PendoSystemsPamela Pecs Clayton: We have developed one of the most innovative applications to hit the market in decades. We have had some great early success, but it’s no secret the financial crisis has affected everyone – including Pendo. Far too often, those considered ‘too big to fail’ view us as ‘too small to succeed’. That is not only unfair, it’s wrong. To win ‘top innovator’ at the Innotribe Startup Challenge is an honour and I look forward to the opportunity of meeting key players in the industry at Innotribe Bangkok and Sibos.
Pendo Systems, 2012 Finalist
2011 results logo SynerScopeBJan-Kees Buenen: the Challenge provided feedback that the company should focus on developing the business plan on all fronts, with a product that addresses real problems in the financial industry. It provided the company with a focus on developing its business plan on all fronts. It also provided a factor of reference for the financial industry. We have engaged with at least three banks as a direct result of the program.
SynerScope, 2012

Open-Bank-Project-Logo2Ismail Chaib: After the the Startup Challenge, we joined the Open Data Institute startup programme (http://theodi.org/)
Tesobe, 2012
2012 finalist logo TheCurrencyCloudMichael Laven: 2012's Innotribe participation launched our start-up, and I mean the whole pitching process, SIBOS and the follow-ups after. More than introduction to banks this accelerated our connection to other innovative and emerging financial technology companies to help build the community of 'new' finance firms. It's be working together in practice, in technology and in dialog that we transform the world of finance.
The Currency Cloud, 2012 Finalist

2011 results logo TransferWiseBTaavet Hinrikus: Our business has grown by a factor of 400% since then. We have raised 1.3M USD from leading venture capital investors and strategic angels. Our investment was led by IA Ventures from New York and Index Ventures from London – both are leading VC firms. The strategic angels include Max Levchin (co-founder of PayPal) and Errol Damelin (co-founder of Wonga).
TransferWise, 2012
2011 results logo GuardTimeBMike Gault: Innotribe is one of the best run and most compelling start-up events with real monetary awards and great opportunities to work with SWIFT on solving real problems for the industry.
Guardtime, 2011 Winner (Startup)

2011 results logo TruaxisShehzad Daredia: the Innotribe event was extremely beneficial to business and gave us a seal of approval from some of the industry’s top critics. This industry-wide acknowledgement of our service has been immensely useful in starting discussions and building partner relationships. Alex Gutow: As a result of Innotribe, we’ve started multiple conversations with banks, credit unions, and other companies in the banking space. It provided even greater marketing traction than we had before the event, which led to an inflow of emails and phone calls from prospective clients who congratulated us on the win and wanted to learn more.
Truaxis, 2011 Winner (Innovator)
2011 results logo WaveAccountingB Kirk Simpson: I like to believe that some players in the banking industry began the event with no knowledge of Wave, and left knowing who we are and what we do. Wave has since taken $12m Series B in the spring of 2012 and new features and improvements are continuously being added with Wave Payroll being rolled out in Canada in early 2012.
Wave Accounting, 2011 Finalist