On Monday I went along to the London Enterprise Technology Meetup as it was focused on my favourite pet topic: innovations in financial technology (fintech). It was a very well org[...]
We’ve kicked off! The Innotribe Startup Challenge 2014 has commenced a week ago, with the first of three regional showcases taking place at London’s Level39 – the City’s (and Europ[...]
Last week was the inaugural #FinTechWeek in the UK, and by all accounts it was a very successful launch! I attended as much as I could, and followed along online for the parts I co[...]
I have just recovered from the last week in London, where – once again – we had a blast in the Innotribe start-up challenge! By now, you all know the winners, as you can find them [...]
The Innotribe Startup Challenge provides the opportunity for many innovative players in the financial industry to share and exchange knowledge with senior decision-makers from fina[...]
This blog post shares some more details about the Digital Asset Grid session. The session Digital Asset Grid will take place on Wednesday 31 Oct 2012 from 16:00 till 17:30 in the C[...]
Hi All, My colleague Peter Vander Auwera (@petervan) has blogged about the Innotribe@Sibos happening (see here). The official program is here. Here is a preview of the Future of Mo[...]
This blog post shares some more details about the Hyper-Economies session. We live in a hyper-connected world. The speed of change is increasing exponentially. Information has beco[...]