Innotribe kicked off its Sibos week with a bang. More than 300 delegates showed up for our opening session “Future of Money” and explored together with our panel the bu[...]
Blogpost by Chris Skinner. You can read the full blogpost here. So the first part of the day is in the Innotribe talking about the future of money, as session that went pretty well[...]
Partnerships between banks and start-ups are a growing trend, as institutions realise they can’t do it all. Published today on DialogueOnline based on an article written by I[...]
The Future Model of Banking By Mariela (Mela) Atanassova Originally posted on the American Banker The outside world is disrupting the very fabric of the business of banking. The bu[...]
The Future Model of Banking By Peter Van Originally posted on the American Banker The question every bank should ask itself is “Am I a creator or a remover of friction?”[...]
Blogpost by Chris Skinner We were discussing the forthcoming Sibos “Future of money” session yesterday and someone said: the more that time goes by, the more complex sy[...]
For the Future of Money session Innotribe moved to the main conference hall where the room filled up fast and left standing room only. For the people that couldn’t come into the ha[...]