This is the last week to submit and complete your applications to the Innotribe Startup Challenge. As my title says, here’s why I would apply If I was the founder of a financ[...]
Sitting on the floor (carpeted at least) of the Eurostar lounge. All trains delayed, and I miss my jeans and sneakers … But … … I am very thrilled to announce tha[...]
Did you miss Sibos this year? Were you at Sibos but didn’t visit the Innotribe space? Take a look at what you missed; topics, trends, speakers, workshops. Watch out for our n[...]
This post is about the “Banks for a Better World” Innotribe incubator project. Innotribe have showcased it at the “Future of doing good” session at Innotribe@Sibos 2012 in Osaka, w[...]
The Digital Asset Grid is a research project backed by the SWIFT Innotribe Incubation Fund. The Digital Asset Grid enables SWIFT to offer a new proposition to the finance sector – [...]
The Digital Asset Grid  positions banks as the platform on which they and others can build applications and create value for their customers. The Digital Asset Grid will provide sp[...]
The Digital Asset Grid is a research and development project, that offers a platform for banks and other entities to enable safe and secure exchange of personal data. This Digital [...]
Digital Asset Grid, Sibos Osaka Wednesday 31 October 16:00 – 17:30 Conference room 3 The Digital Asset Grid is one of the most forward-looking of Innotribe’s incubation proje[...]
Innotribe puts innovation centre stage at Sibos 2012 Osaka with a full range of interactive sessions. The Startup Challenge, Banks for a Better World and the Digital Asset Grid are[...]
We had the honour of attending the first forum for the Social Finance Innovation Platform at the Oxford & Cambridge Club in London, to get a sneak peak of four of the five soci[...]