This post is about the “Banks for a Better World” Innotribe incubator project. Innotribe have showcased it at the “Future of doing good” session at Innotribe@Sibos 2012 in Osaka, w[...]
Innotribe puts innovation centre stage at Sibos 2012 Osaka with a full range of interactive sessions. The Startup Challenge, Banks for a Better World and the Digital Asset Grid are[...]
Enabling lower cost money transfer and access to new financial services to billions of individuals in developed and developing markets, using mobile technology platforms. This is t[...]
Calligraphy – beautiful writing – describes indeed very well how we have designed the upcoming Innotribe@Sibos event in Osaka, Japan, 29 Oct – 1 Nov 2012. Not too much, nor too lit[...]
Let me start it like this – I’m since very recently a (proud) advisor of the Amazonia-Yungas Observatory for Biodiversity, Indigenous Health and Equity. In this endeavour I join sc[...]
Digital Shadows is a UK based startup, one of the two winners of the Innotribe Startup Challenge in Belfast in June 2012. The idea of the digital footprint is important to Innotrib[...]
The Digitial Asset Grid, one of Innotribe’s incubator projects in the filed of Digital Data. How is this relevant for Financial Institutions? Find out in this video with kost[...]
I’m just back from the Innotribe@Belfast event, held on 13-14 June. It was excellent, with two parts – a conference and the EMEA instance of the Innotribe startup challenge. About [...]
Forbes is running a “startup month” and this week is about turning an idea into a real business. Immediately I thought about the PlayMoolah startup and its co-founders Min Xuan Lee[...]
I often get this question – are new (or not new) entrants to the person-to-person payments scene, such as Paypal or the emerging mobile phone payment schemes, a threat to the banks[...]